Three Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Chainsaw Sharpener

Three Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Chainsaw Sharpener

Getting the work done fast and easy is something only a well-sharpened tool can do. So if you are wondering why your chainsaw is not as high-performing and functional as before, ask yourself, how often do you sharpen your chainsaw? Do you ever even think of sharpening it? You should not blame the manufacturer for having a tool that easily wears if you did not do your job to maintain it in the first place. Good thing, it is never too late to buy a chainsaw sharpener.

The common concern for buying an additional tool is how much will chainsaw sharpening cost. If you are going to let a professional do it, it will be more expensive than doing it yourself. Chainsaw sharpening costs vary and they depend on the type of the tool you are buying. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages that make them preferable for some people. Whatever type of chainsaw sharpener you will pick, rest assured that you are going to find the best one that fits your criteria. The first step to do that is to consider the following factors.

Different Types of Chainsaw Sharpeners

Like what has been mentioned above, there are three types of chainsaw sharpeners that you will find on the market today. For you to understand how different they are from each other, this article includes both their advantages and disadvantages. Now, let us start with the basic handheld round file.

Handheld round file

This type is probably the first kind of chainsaw sharpener people use. It comes in varying diameters that should be compatible with different sizes of chainsaws. To use this, you only have to run over the tip to the chain or each of the teeth and cutters. However, you have to do all the sharpening with your hands manually.


  • The chainsaw sharpening cost of a handheld round file is the cheapest among the three
  • Has a simple sharpening process
  • Good for occasional woodcutter or chainsaw users


  • It is difficult to ensure the degree of control and keep the cutting angle while working
  • More time consuming compared to other types

Bar Mounted Sharpener

This type of chainsaw sharpener has a guide that is secured to the bar of the chainsaw. It is mounted on top of a stable platform like a bench or a table. The common features of this bar mounted sharpener are the knobs on the machine which you have to set according to your saw’s specifications. You need to set the depth and the filing angle before you start sharpening. When you use this type of sharpener, make sure to wear protective gear for the file shavings can fly off the blade.


  • Lesser need for precision and control
  • Quicker than a basic handheld round file
  • More precise measurement and able to sharpen chains at the same angle and length


  • Requires the chain to be removed for sharpening
  • You should have a sturdy bench or table

Electric Chainsaw Sharpener

This type has become popular with many professionals because it is the fastest and most precise of the three. The chain of your saw is clamped between a guide bar to secure it in place and to ensure a correct sharpening angle. When you start sharpening, the wheel turns at a consistent speed to accurately sharpen the chain with equal angles and length.


  • The fastest and more efficient type of chainsaw sharpener
  • Ensures correct sharpening depth and angle


  • The most expensive sharpening cost
  • Set up is a little confusing

Sharpening Angles

Chains should only follow one angle in order to cut more efficiently and quickly. This is determined by different factors which could be the distance between the rivets, the thickness of the drive links, the number of drive links, and teeth design. In other words, you need to determine the chain pitch, gauge, and length. Therefore, you have to know your chainsaw requirements first in order to buy the correct sharpener.

Chain Sharpening Accessories

The best chainsaw sharpener comes in a complete package. The handheld round file is often included in a kit. This kit has other accessories that you will need such as depth gauge tools and detachable handles. On the other hand, electric chainsaw grinders also have accessories such as spare wheels and a dressing brick.

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