Step by Step: Getting the Right Chainsaw Fuel Mix

Oil to mix with gas for chainsaw

Whether you’re a professional firefighter, a homeowner cutting down limbs or an Alaskan bush man cutting down tree's to run through your chainsaw mill, you may not understand the correct steps for mixing chainsaw fuel. A lot of people have asked us over the years, how do you mix chainsaw gas? It is a relatively simple task but if done incorrectly it can serious damage your chainsaw and leave it collecting dust in the garage while you run out and buy another one.


The first step is to gather everything you’ll need. We’ve also included our top picks for each of these if your missing one or the other. The first step is to gather everything you’ll need. List of items needed to mix your chainsaw oil and gas:

Once you have all the items required, make sure your either outdoors or in a well-ventilated area without any distractions or fire. Which includes smoking cigarettes. It's not recommended to mix smoking cigarettes and gasoline unless you enjoy spending time in the local emergency room. 

How do you mix 50:1 chainsaw gas?

1 Gallon to 2.6 Fluid Ounces

2.5 Gallons to 6.4 Fluid Ounces

5 Gallons to 12.8 Fluid Ounces

Pour half of your gasoline into the gas can you’re going to use to mix your chainsaw fuel. Then add your oil. 99.99% of all gas chainsaws are 2 stroke engines that require a 50:1 gas ratio. (2.6oz of oil per gallon of fuel). Close the container tightly and then shake well. The reason for leaving half the container empty is to leave plenty of room to get your fuel well mixed for your chainsaw.

Open your gas can and add the rest of your fuel. Then repeat the step listed above and shake it up again. The chainsaw fuel-oil should be mixed well.

Remove your chainsaw’s cap from the fuel tank and add your new mixture in. I typically only fill my personal chainsaw up to around 75%.

Use the clean rag you gathered earlier to wipe any fuel that’s spilled and your hands. Place the lid back on your gas can and chainsaw. Throw out the empty chainsaw oil can and fire your chainsaw up. One warning I would advise is to make sure your 15 – 20 feet away from your fuel can before you start it. Remember, gasoline fumes are extremely flammable and can be ignited by the heat from your chainsaw. Stay safe!


What is the fuel mix for a Husqvarna chainsaw?

50:1 as our guide suggests, which is a 2.6oz bottle of oil per gallon of gasoline.

How much oil do you mix with gas for a 2 stroke?

Typically, a 2.6oz bottle of oil per gallon. However, be sure to check the owner’s manual of your chainsaw as it could be a different ratio like 40:1.

What is the ratio of oil to gas in a 2-stroke engine?

Typically, 50:1, however it can be as low as 40:1. To ensure your following your chainsaw’s best practices, read the owner’s manual.

What is the oil to gas ratio for Stihl Chainsaws?

All STIHL equipment runs on a 50:1. If you have a new STIHL chainsaw that is under warranty, be sure to only use STIHL approved oil. As using anything else will result in your warranty being voided.

How much oil do I mix into a Gallon for a 40:1 Gasoline-Oil mixture?

Mixing 3.2 oz of two cycle oil with one gallon of regular gasoline.

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