Running a Chainsaw for Dummies


blondegirlusingsawA chainsaw is an excellent power tool to own as it can be used for many applications. Unlike other work tools that you have in your shed, a chainsaw is significantly more powerful, thus requiring its users to obtain a great deal of knowledge and skill for safe and effective use. Here are pointers worth remembering so you can optimize chainsaw at home or for work purposes.

  • Different applications require different level of skill and proficiency in chainsaw use. The skill that you need to efficiently cut a tree branch is different from that when cutting through a thick chunk of wood. This means that you need to handle and operate the chainsaw carefully at all times. It will take a while before you can master proper handling of a chainsaw.
  • You just don’t go out and use a chainsaw without protective equipment and gears. It’s an intimidating power tool as well as dangerous if not handled properly. If your activity involves cutting down a tree for instance, you need to wear goggles, hardhat, ear protection, long-sleeved shirt, pants, and gloves in order to ensure safety during operation. It may seem overkill to don all these equipment, but it’s always good to err on the side of the caution when operating a chainsaw.
  • Create a safe environment when working with a chainsaw. In the case of felling, you need to make sure that you have an escape route if and when something bad happens. Make sure that there is a clear patch of land for the tree to safely fall on. Make sure no trees, buildings, or power lines are in the way of the tree from safely falling. The direction of the wind and the condition of the wood are also some of the considerations that you need to check before cutting down a tree using a chainsaw.

Chainsaw Basics

The activity of operating a chainsaw falls under three major categories:

  1. Bucking is cutting the trunk of a downed tree to length.
  2. Felling is hacking down an upright tree strategically so it falls at an intended spot.
  3. Limbing is cutting branches from a downed tree.

Different activities will require you to utilize different cutting techniques when using an electric chainsaw. Here are a few reminders that you need to remember:

  • Make sure that all components and parts are functioning properly. Check the handles, engine, controls, sharpness, and tension before you begin. In addition, make sure that the gas tank is filled up before you start cutting. Make sure that your bar oil reservoir is filled too so you can operate the chainsaw without interruptions.
  • The best and safest way of starting a chainsaw is by placing it on the ground and in between your legs. To avoid accidents, make sure that the chain brake is engaged, the start switch is ON, and the choke is closed. If your chainsaw has a primer button, all that you need to do is press it a few times before operation.
  • When starting your chainsaw from the ground, make sure to hold the handlebar with your left hand while placing your right feet toe in the handle. Pull the starter rope until it pops. Once you hear the pop, you need to disengage the choke and then pull the starter rope again to fire it up.
  • To engage the saw between the legs, you need to place the rear end of the saw against your right leg. Next, tilt the saw towards the rot while gently squeezing the saw with your left leg. Once you hear the pop, follow the same procedure above. Once the saw starts, you need to tap the throttle trigger to set in idle mode.
  • There are a few general rules that you need to follow during chainsaw operation. Here are some of them:
  • Establish good footing at all times
  • Make sure there are no objects lying on the ground that may cause you to trip or fall while operating your chainsaw mill.
  • Maintain good balance. Avoid overreaching while holding the chainsaw or getting into some unnatural body movements during operation
  • To ensure that you are in total control, make sure to keep your left hand around the front handle, including your thumb.
  • In order to fight against kickback, you need to engage your chainsaw with the upper corner of the bar. Make sure to establish this position of the tip every time you use it.
  • Grip with two hands firmly at all times. Make sure to establish a balance stance as well. Always be alert when using the bar chainsaw as the bar may be pinched by the wood when cutting through.
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