How A Chainsaw Works

How A Chainsaw Works

Do you own any piece of property? No matter how big or how small a piece of property needs to be managed or taken care of. Over the past decade, there has been a rise of people interested in the exterior decorations of the home. What is even more important is the look of land and clearing up all the extra amounts of trees or bush on a property.

Even if you own a tiny apartment, you want the exterior (on the balcony) to look nice for guests when they come visit. But even more so, if you own a house or a spot of land with a lot of acreage and square feet, you are going to want to make sure it looks presentable for any time.

The reason why so many people care about the exterior look of their homes is even if you are not having guests over, there are people that look at your house on a daily basis. You want your home to make an impression, a good one at that, and look presentable.

It is said an exterior of a home reflects the people on the interior, so if the outside looks in shambles chances are you are going to be judged very quickly. While you will need to invest in plenty of tools around the house to upkeep your property, one of the most important ones to buy is a chainsaw. So what exactly is a chainsaw and how does one work?

What is A Chainsaw?

When people think of a chainsaw they either think of a tree tumbling down to the ground, the very loud sound, or a favourite horror movie of theirs, but they are much more than that!

Chainsaws are precise cutters and one of the most powerful machines on the market today. They are incredibly useful for the maintaining and management of a lot of property- to thin trees and get rid of any dead growth to ensure a long-term healthy population of wild life. So a chainsaw is made up of two main parts.

The actual blade itself which is built right into a chain, that chain is placed around a guide bar made out of metal, and then there is an engine in the machine (this can either be a petrol engine, or an electric motor- we will get more into these a bit later).

Think of the chain of a chainsaw like a bicycle chain, as it goes in a certain around the sprockets. But what makes a chainsaw chain unique is there are 30 or more sharp teeth mounted at various intervals around the chain. This is what allows the chain to cut pieces of wood and various plants.

On the inside of the machine, a piston moves in and out of the cylinder of the engine, and thus pushes a rod, turning the crankshaft. The crankshafts job is to move the sprockets (where the chain is on) and spin it around. This creates a fast motion, which you can now start cutting!

Where Did the Chainsaw Come From?

On January 17, 1905, Samuel J. Bens in the city of San Francisco placed the very first patent of a chainsaw. Although none of the specifications were placed out, this is our first documentation of the thought of a machine that could take down trees. He didn’t specify what would power the machine. Another patenet came around 16 years down the road for a portable chain saw that could cut logs or trees easily and using a motor like a car.

How Do Gas Chain Saws Work?

So there are two main types of chainsaws: gas chainsaws and electric chainsaws. While each has the same task, which is to do various cutting in the outdoors, they are both very different. We are going to take a look at gas chainsaws first.

So with gas chainsaws, obviously they are powered by gas. These types of chainsaws have a small petrol/gas engine on the inside that powers the entire chainsaw. What you have to do is put fuel in the gas tank in order to give it power. This will give energy to the entire device. An average tank on a chainsaw holds 1.1 pints of gas.

The fuel will then go through the carburetor, mixing with the air to create energy, and then pass right into the cylinder. Once it reaches the cylinder, a spark plug ignites the mixture and it releases energy, pushing the piston in a backwards and forwards motion. This eventually moves the chain in a circular motion, starting your chainsaw.

The thing with gas chainsaws is that they emit a lot of pollution and smoke into the environment. On top of that, they are much more costly because you have to constantly refuel the machine, put oil in the machine, and clean out the air filter. They are much dirtier and take a lot more work to take care of.

However, gas chainsaws are much more powerful and are meant for jobs that are more heavy-duty when it comes to chainsaws. Therefore, if you are clearing an entire forest or thinking about cutting down a massive tree, you are going to want to buy a gas chain saw.

How Do Electric Chainsaws Work?

On the other side of the chainsaw spectrum are electric chainsaws. Instead of having a gas motor on the inside, they are equipped with an electric motor (or battery) that can charge before using. The battery is has a chord that you can plug in for a charge, and the chainsaw must charge before using it.

There is hardly any maintenance to do on these chainsaws as they usually self oil themselves and you don’t have to worry about cleaning an air filter. However, they are not as powerful as gas chainsaws and are meant for smaller jobs around the land such as trimming a hedge, or cutting up smaller sticks. They are also lightweight and easy to go mobile!

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