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Running a Chainsaw for Dummies


A chainsaw is an excellent power tool to own as it can be used for many applications. Unlike other work tools that you have in your shed, a chainsaw is significantly more powerful, thus requiring its users to obtain a great deal of knowledge and skill for safe and effective use. Here are pointers worth Read More »

How to Sharpen a Chainsaw


  If you use a chainsaw for work or home, you understand the importance of keeping it sharp at all times. Do you still remember when you first used your electric chainsaw? Sharpness, efficiency, and energy are qualities that all chainsaw owners would like to work with on a consistent basis. A chainsaw should work Read More »

How to Care for Your Electric Chainsaw?


To ensure the long life, safe operation and durability of your electric chainsaw, you need to care for it properly and maintain it regularly. Some tips for the maintenance of your chainsaw are: Check for loose screws and bolts before operating the chainsaw. Tighten any loose screws and bolts to avoid injuries. You must check Read More »