How to Care for Your Electric Chainsaw?



To ensure the long life, safe operation and durability of your electric chainsaw, you need to care for it properly and maintain it regularly. Some tips for the maintenance of your chainsaw are:

    • Check for loose screws and bolts before operating the chainsaw. Tighten any loose screws and bolts to avoid injuries.
    • You must check the chain of the electric chainsaw regularly. When the chainsaw is used for a very long period of time, the blade gets dull and damaged. If this occurs, ensure that you replace the chain before operating the machine again. You must also keep the chainsaw well-greased for its smooth operation.
    • The electric cable must be checked to ensure that the electric chainsaw is working properly.
    • Ensure that the chainsaw is lubricated sufficiently. Insufficient lubrication may cause the chainsaw to stop working, while too much lubricating oil can cause the spark arrester to clog.
    • You must degrease the engine regularly. Ensure that the engine is completely cool before spraying the degreaser. Allow the degreaser to remain on the engine for around 10-15 minutes before wiping it using a clean cloth. The unit must be rinsed off and dried completely before operation.

  • The chain and bar must be lubricated regularly. You must use a viscous oil to lubricate the chain as using a less viscous oil will not be effective as the rotating saw will expel it.
  • The electric chainsaw must be sharpened regularly with a chain sharpener, especially if it is being used for long periods of time.
  • You must check the air filters of the chainsaw. The air filter stops debris and dirt from entering the chainsaw’s engine. The air filter must be replaced regularly.
  • The electric chainsaw must be cleaned well, especially after use. Ensure that you remove all the sawdust particles from the saw chain and other parts. These particles and any other debris may cause blockages, which will prevent your chainsaw from working properly.
  • Inspect your chainsaw carefully for any damage and replacements before storing the tool. Clean the machine well and protect it from dust before storing it.
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