Best Chainsaw Mills

Granberg MK III Alaskan Chainsaw Mill G776

For those looking for a dependable, efficient and portable chainsaw mill, that can be dragged to inaccessible terrain and used on large hardwood logs, the Granberg MK III Alaskan G776 is pretty much the last word in performance. You can buy these chainsaw mills in different rail sizes – 24 inches, 30 inches, 36 inches, 48 inches, 56 inches, 60 inches, 72 inches and 84 inches.

The Mill at a Glance

The G776 can easily be attached to the chain bar; you will only need a wrench for this. Even when the mill is attached to the saw, it is very easy to adjust it.

This sawmill cuts timber in thickness ranging from ½ an inch to 13 inches. The width of the slab depends on the size of the rail. So, a mill with the 84-inch rail can give you boards nearly 74 inches wide. This m


akes the Alaskan a great tool if you are looking to process big boards for custom furniture.

However, it works equally well for smaller cuts. You can be assured of the accuracy of the cuts as well. All your timber will be cut uniformly and will maintain the size determined by you.

Since it weighs only about 8 kgs, it can easily be hauled around and is great for single person use. The G776 also boasts of great build quality with steel and aluminum body.

Word from the Experts

A ripping chain will make the process of cutting lumber much faster and easier. The slabs will have a smoother surface as well. A ripping chain also increases the lifespan of the chainsaw.

Granberg Chain Saw Mill G777



The Granberg Chain Saw Mill #G777 is the perfect personal sawmill for home projects. Weighing just about 1.8 ounces (0.8 kg), this mill may be lightweight, but it truly is up for the heavy-duty tasks you have in mind.


The Mill at a Glance

The mill is portable and can access almost all timber. It is also easy to mount on the saw. Additionally, the mill attaches to the saw without any drilling bar. The Granberg Chain Saw Mill G777 can cut beautifully straight lumber of thickness ranging from just ½ an inch to 13 inches. In width, it can go up to 17 inches. The G777 is ideal for chainsaws with bars of 20 inches or less. However, make sure that the width of the bar is not less than 2.5 inches. The mill itself has a sturdy feel to it. It has zinc plating, which should protect it from external elements when you are working outdoors.

This mill, however, is not for you if you want to use an electric chainsaw, not even a battery-operated one. You will need a gas-powered saw with at least 60cc of power. You can go higher with the power, to make the mill even more efficient.

Word from the Experts

Granberg suggests you use a ripping chain with the mill. The ripping chain will not only increase the lifespan of the chainsaw and make you work faster, it will also ensure smoother cuts. Also, make sure that your chain is always sharpened properly.


Logosol M8


For those new to the game, the Logosol M8 makes perfect sense as this chainsaw mill is extremely easy to use. Weighing 52 kgs, the M8 can handle all kinds of wood including juniper, larch, oak, cherry and aspen.

The Mill at a Glance

Slabs, boards or logs, this sawmill promises, and delivers, great accuracy. The mill, made of anodized aluminum, is rust-proof and does not feel flimsy. The aluminum, in fact, is of the same grade as used in the construction of aircrafts. It also features stainless steel bolts and nylon slides. The M8 can lift 10 times its weight and can handle large-diameter logs with ease.

Moreover, M8’s special coating makes it dirt repellent and stops ice and snow from sticking to it.

The long ramps, the log beds and the overall design of the M8 ensure that you maintain a comfortable posture while working. You can adjust the mill to your required height. This is a mill your back will thank you for!

The design of the mill also ensures safety. The wood is pulled against the bed by the chain and it is firmly in position while cutting. The chances of accidents are further reduced as you can use both your hands.

The sawing length for the basic model is about 17 feet, but you can buy extensions in case you want to cut longer logs.

Word From the Experts

The M8 is best used with an ordinary chainsaw. A typical saw like the Stihl MS660, when teamed with the Logosol M8, can cut lumber quickly and produce a smooth surface.

Logosol Big Mill TimberJig

The Logosol Big Mill TimberJig is a patented sawmill that can be directly attached to the two bolts that join the chain bar to the saw. As a result, you do not need to drill holes or make modifications to the bar. Besides, the Logosol Big Mill TimberJig gives you a chance to upgrade.

The Mill At a Glance

The TimberJig comes with screws and angle brackets to set up a wooden guide rail, which is used for the first two cuts of the lumber. After that, the TimberJig uses a guide fence. This adjustable fence sets the board thickness.

For smaller logs, Logosol suggests that you position the timber at waist height for a comfortable working posture.

With the TimberJig, Logosol provides you with a sawmill plan and other tools to build a homemade sawmill. You will need to build your own wooden guide rails as well as the rail supports. All the things that you may need to build these components are part of the package.

Word From the Manufacturer

TimberJig is made using steel and aluminum. All the steel components are treated with nitrous oxide and, therefore, they are black in color. The process also makes the components more durable and resistant to corrosion. This process costs more than mere zinc plating but improves the quality of the mill.

Norwood PortaMill PM14

Norwood PortaMill PM14

If you have a chainsaw and a household extension ladder sitting in your garage, you can just throw in a Norwood PortaMill PM14 into the mix and have your own portable sawmill. The ladder is used as a track for the sawmill. It takes just a few minutes to set up the sawmill.

The Mill At a Glance

The Norwood PortaMill PM14 is a truly comfortable portable mill to work with. You get to choose the height to set up the log, and once that is done, the log stays stationary, while the sawhead cuts through it. The mill is able to cut logs, both hardwood and softwood, of up to a 14-inch diameter. Moreover, it uses depth-of-cut scales, which ensure consistency in lumber thickness.

The mill comes with two log rest and log dog assemblies and also has back dogs to clamp beams, cants and boards. The PortaMill also boasts of a throttle actuator that is patented. The actuator fits all chainsaws. The mechanism connects the saw’s throttle to a handle-mounted throttle control. This allows easy activation of the saw throttle.

The PM14 mill is compact and will not eat too much into your storage space. It is also easy to carry around, even to the remotest of places. You can take it with you on a boat, a small car, an airplane or even in an ATV, depending on where your lumber cutting requirements are.

Word from the Experts

The Norwood PortaMill is shipped in knock-down form with step-by-step, easy-to-follow instructions, photos and plans. You are not likely to face trouble setting up the sawmill.

The carriage platform of the PM14 can adjust to fit any extension ladder. It features an endstop safety mechanism to avoid run-off of the chainsaw carriage. Another thoughtful addition is the track sweeper mechanism. The built-in sweepers clear sawdust from the track for smoother action.

PantherMill II

PantherMill II

The PantherMill II is a small, but solid, sawmill that can be adjusted to fit a bar of any size. This mill is for you if you are looking to make slabs for furniture or if you want to make good quality beams or ribs for resale. All the wood that might have been wasted as firewood can be converted into resell able umber using this portable sawmill.

The Mill at a Glance

It comes with a cutting depth of 16 inches in the standard format, but, for an additional fee, the depth can be pushed up to 24 inches. The mill comes with a handy double clamp to ensure size accuracy. The PantherMill II is height adjustable, thanks to the two big bolts – one each on either side of the main body.

The mill can be ordered in multiple sizes, ranging from 24 inches, all the way to 72 inches. The delivery time of this mill, however, could be longer than other chainsaw mills in the market.

Word from the Experts

PantherMill II’s design generates a better tension system and the bar clamps make maneuvering easy. The mill comes with instructions on how to build your own plywood slabbing platform. The slabbing rails are light and easy to carry.

3 Chainsaw Mills That Just Didn’t Make It to the List

Woodbug Chainsaw Mill

The Woodbug Chain Technology claims to have resolved most of the problems associated with chainsaw milling. This includes slow pace of operations, frequent bar wear and tear, high feed pressure and chain breakage. Woodbug has designed the mill keeping in mind farmers, small-scale woodcrafters and rural homesteads. It is a machine easy to operate and maintain.

The Mill At a Glance

The Woodbug can salvage good quality, sliver-free lumber even from small logs and other leftover wood. This is because it is designed to minimize tension warping in smaller logs.

The mill is made in two sizes – the Woodbug for logs spanning 20 inches in diameter, and the Baby Bug for logs with up to 11 inches in diameter. Both variants feature modular sections, each measuring 10 inches. The sections are attached end-to-end till the desired length is achieved. The mill is portable and can access difficult-to-reach terrain.

Word From the Experts

The chain and the bar must be lubricated adequately to increase their lifespan and to keep them in good shape. The manufacturer warns against the use of sticky bar oil and suggests that you use Woodbug Ripping oil. The other alternative is to use good quality motor oil.

Procut Chainsaw Mill

Procut requires you to build the chainsaw mill yourself using the plans provided in the kit. However, it is easy to follow the plan and you are not likely to face any difficulties in setting the mill up. In fact, the kit even has a lumber cutting guide for those who have never cut logs before.

All the materials required for the build are also easily available. To build the mill, you will essentially need steel and some supplies from your local hardware store.

The Mill At a Glance

The mill can cut logs up to 24 inches in diameter, though there is a way to widen the mill to cut logs of even 36 inches in diameter. Similarly, though Procut chainsaw mill plans have instructions for building the sawmill in two lengths – 20 feet and 24 feet – you can increase it to 48 feet.

Word From the Experts

The mill works with almost all saws of over 80cc. Most commonly used are Stihl, Husqvarna and Jonsered saws. Ideally, the larger the saw, the better.

The teeth of the chain should not have an angle of more than 10 degrees, as it is for ripping, not crosscutting.

Westford Chainsaw Mill

This Australian brand of chainsaw mill has quite a fan following. In design, the Westford chainsaw draws heavily from the Alaskan. The company also makes much larger mills with more than 50-inch bars. But even if you were to start with a smaller mill, converting it later is only a matter adding longer channel rails.

The Mill At a Glance

The Westford mill is small enough to fit into the boot of a car and it can be hauled to the site of felled trees to produce lumber on location. The mill can be attached to any chainsaw without modifications. Fitting the contraption takes only a few minutes. The thickness of the wooden boards can range between 1 and 13 inches.

This mill comes with a special safety feature: The tip of the chainsaw bar is covered, and this reduces chances of accidents involving people and objects.

Word From the Experts

The chain bar of the saw must be properly lubricated at all times. Maintaining the sharpness of the chain is also important if you want to be efficient and want more consistent lumber.

Tilton Jobbers J100

The Jobbers J100 is a sawmill that is easy to assemble and operate. It weighs about 77 kilograms. Ferrying it around on a small boat, car, ATV, airplane and even a snowmobile is easy. It needs a chainsaw of at least 60cc.

The Mill At a Glance

The standard model of the J100 can process logs with a diameter of up to 16 inches and a length of 144 inches (12 feet). However, with the use of extensions, logs with a 20-inch diameter can also be processed.

The mill has an adjustable saw carriage and a universal mounting plate which makes it compatible with almost all chainsaws.

The manufacturer offers optional tools including a locking vise and log lifter winch kit. The lumber produced is size-accurate.

Word From the Experts

The J100 features the same basic component as the J200, which is a bandmill manufactured by Tilton Equipment. So investing in the J100 makes good sense as it gives you the flexibility to upgrade to a bandmill in future.