Basic Maintenance Tips for Your Chainsaw


  The most important component of a chainsaw mill is obviously the chainsaw itself. Do remember that chainsaw milling is more taxing on your chainsaw than crosscutting. Therefore, if you want to have a high-performing sawmill, it is important you keep your chainsaw in top shape and problem-free. Regular maintenance of your chainsaw will increase its Read More »

14 Tips For A Smoother Chainsaw Milling Experience


  Now that you have checked out the various chainsaw mills in the market and picked the one that is right for you, how about getting down to the business of actually milling the logs? Experienced or otherwise, it always helps to go over the finer points of chainsaw mill before you start. First, ensure that Read More »

Running a Chainsaw for Dummies


A chainsaw is an excellent power tool to own as it can be used for many applications. Unlike other work tools that you have in your shed, a chainsaw is significantly more powerful, thus requiring its users to obtain a great deal of knowledge and skill for safe and effective use. Here are pointers worth Read More »

How to Sharpen a Chainsaw


  If you use a chainsaw for work or home, you understand the importance of keeping it sharp at all times. Do you still remember when you first used your electric chainsaw? Sharpness, efficiency, and energy are qualities that all chainsaw owners would like to work with on a consistent basis. A chainsaw should work Read More »

Wonders of a Chainsaw Mill


Much of early civilization relied on using materials that were available in the immediate surroundings. Man’s conquering of the frontier zones needed machinery that could cut through tons and tons of wood that went into making sturdy shelters and the furniture inside. Even early transportation units, like carriages and ships, needed timber in large quantities. Read More »

How to Care for Your Electric Chainsaw?


To ensure the long life, safe operation and durability of your electric chainsaw, you need to care for it properly and maintain it regularly. Some tips for the maintenance of your chainsaw are: Check for loose screws and bolts before operating the chainsaw. Tighten any loose screws and bolts to avoid injuries. You must check Read More »

Sun Joe SWJ701E Electric Chainsaw


The Sun Joe SWJ701E is a powerful, yet lightweight electric chainsaw. It is ergonomically designed and is maneuverable so that the user does not feel fatigued after prolonged usage.  The machine has an auto lubricating system that allows you to work for long periods of time continuously. The 18-inch Oregon bar and chain of the Read More »

WORX WG304.1 Electric Chainsaw


WORX WG304.1 is equipped with chain replacement and auto tensioning systems. The auto tensioning system has a large knob that secures the bar and the chain to maintain the appropriate tension when the electric chainsaw is in operation. This extends the life of the bar and the chain and eliminates the possibility of overtightening. WORX Read More »

Makita UC4051A 16-Inch Electric Chainsaw


The Makita UC4051A is a heavy-duty electric chainsaw for fast and efficient cutting. It is easy to operate and maintain. The model comes with many advanced and modern features. The soft start feature of the Makita UC4051A assures smoother start-ups. The machine is also equipped with a feature that protects it from overloading. Special Features Read More »

OREGON PowerNow CS1500 Self-Sharpening Electric Chainsaw


This is the only self-sharpening electric chainsaw available in the market. The model has a PowerSharp® chain sharpening feature that makes this chainsaw unique. The PowerSharp lever allows the blade to be sharpened in just 3 seconds that allows you to work without any interruptions. The self-sharpening feature enhances the cutting age of the chain Read More »